An integral part of the EU programmes supporting the cross-border cooperation is represented by a so-called "small project fund" used to finance the smallest projects, especially non-investment ones. These projects represent cooperation of local communities at both sides of the border. Their aim is the development in the fields of human relations, mutual educational, cultural, sports and leisure time activities, public service etc.

Although the Phare CBC Czech Republic - Poland programme was directed especially to support big investment projects, the "Joint Small Project Fund" (JSPF) supported smaller non-investment "people-to-people" projects was an integral part of the programme as well. The JSPF was constituted in the form of a grant scheme financing small projects up to 50,000 EUR per project. The total amount earmarked for small projects represented 10 % of total financial means of the programme each year.

As the JSPF was very successful tool for support non-investment "people-to-people" projects, in 2004, when the Initiative INTERREG IIIA the Czech Republic - Poland started, the JSPF was replaced with a similar tool - so called Micro-project Fund. Allocation of 5.1 million EUR, which was a subsidy of the European Regional Development Fund, was intended for the whole duration of the programme and represented 15 % of total financial measures. Maximum financial support was 20,000 EUR per project.

The largest sum of financial means for the small projects of local communities is earmarked in Operational Programme of Cross-border Cooperation the Czech Republic - the Republic of Poland 2007-2013 (OP CBC CZ-PL). The Micro-project Fund represents a flexible instrument for implementation of the smallest projects of the Programme, both non-investment and small investment ones. A specific implementation mechanism of the Micro-project Fund anticipates support of projects from 2,000 EUR up to, at most, 30,000 EUR, with total cost of the project up to 60,000 EUR. In total, 20 % of the total programme allocation is allocated to the Micro-project Fund (i.e., in total 43 891 869 EUR from the European Regional Development Fund).

The eligible area of the Micro-project Fund is identical with the eligible area of the OP CBC CZ-PL. For the purposes of the Micro-project Fund, this area is divided into 6 purpose-built regions named after the Czech-Polish euroregions operating in these regions: Nisa - Nysa, Glacensis, Praděd - Pradziad, Silesia, Těšínské Slezsko - Śląsk Cieszyński, Beskydy - Beskidy. In each of these purpose-built regions, there works a Manager and Administrator of the Micro-project Fund, ensuring its implementation therein. The role of the Managers and Administrators is fulfilled by the secretariats of the relevant euroregions.

Representatives of the given purpose-built region, especially representatives of the euroregions and social partners, form bilateral Euroregional Managing Committee, comprising the same numbers of Czech and Polish members. Selection of projects within the framework of the Micro-project Fund in each region is carried out on the basis of approved Rules of Procedure of the given Euroregional Managing Committee.